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Never Would I Ever…Two Words to Always Avoid

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The fourth set of words that we recommend removing from your mindset and life are “always” and “never.”

These seemingly harmless words place an imaginary limiting belief around your thoughts, your words and your actions.

Listen to a “know-it-all.” You constantly will hear them say: “I never would do that,” or, “I always do this.” They are predefining their reality and, most likely, are not in touch with reality either. They also are filling the present and future with judgments and expectations.

When we use words such as “never” or “always,” we are projecting our current thoughts onto future situations. This does not make sense because, unless you are omnipotent, you do not know how these situations will unfold.

When we understand this, we understand that we will not know how we will feel or how we will act until that exact moment or event arrives. Avoiding “always” and “never” will help you to act from present moment and to choose what the right action for you in that moment is. Ultimately, this is the only thing that you can do. 

For example, if you are a vegan but are called to eat meat randomly, then do it. If you are a pacifist but are called to use force to protect yourself in the moment, then do what must be done. If you always go left, then try going right.

When in doubt, do not do what you always do or dismiss what you never do. Instead, do what’s right for you to do.

Eliminating these words from your vocabulary also will take pressure off of the future and will open you up to be more present in this moment. Both enable you to manage stress and to find more happiness and joy.

Moreover, you will find that cutting these words out of your life will help you to judge others less and to give them more space to act in the way that is right for them in each moment – not you. This will support them in accessing all of these benefits too.

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