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Why You Can’t Use “Can’t” Anymore

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Those who believe they can and those who believe they cannot are both correct. So, which one are you? Anything is possible or impossible – if you believe it to be so.

Part three of our exploration of the effects of language on our minds and, consequently, our lives bans the word “can’t.”

“Can’t” is the ultimate dream killer because it immediately closes the door to possibility. Using this word tells yourself that there are no other options to move forward or to create change.

What do you tell yourself that you can’t do? How often do you limit your success, your happiness and your life as a result?

Common limitations that we place on ourselves using this word include:

“I can’t be loved.”
“I can’t be happy.”
“I can’t handle this.”
“I can’t even.”

Well, we are correct when we make these statements – even if we do not believe them completely. Our thoughts and our language control our actions, our results and, therefore, our lives, so merely thinking that we can’t invites frustration and pain.

When you catch yourself saying, “I can’t,” pause and question, “Is this true?” Your mind initially may respond, “Yes,” based on its conditioning. So, ask again, “Is this really true?”

Your mind will ease up and will reveal an opening, a chink in its armor. This tiny way in is all that we need to start to upgrade our beliefs. It is that simple.

The instant that you remove “can’t” from your vocabulary, you declare to yourself that there is a possibility. In response, infinite possibilities open up.

While one word, “can’t,” closes the door to the infinite, its opposite opens the door to the infinite: “can.” The moment you decide that anything is possible, infinite pathways to the answer can reveal themselves to you.

It will be up to you to discover and to experiment with these limitless pathways, but now you at least have a chance. Now, ANYTHING is possible.

This is an opportunity to apply all that you know how to do as well as to learn new skills to construct the outcome that you desire.

Something I like to say to myself, for example, while trying new physical feats is, “I don’t know how to do this yet.” This statement acknowledges that I currently may have limitations but they are impermanent because I am willing to explore and to learn how to overcome them.

So, are you willing to explore and to learn what you are capable of? If so, then “can’t” is no longer in your vocabulary. If so, then you open the door for yourself to infinite possibility. Enjoy.

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