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5 Tips to Cultivate Balance as a Female Leader

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You are a female leader who has it all: the job, the home, the relationship, and everything you ever could want. But something is missing: balance.

All the hard work and late nights that you have put in have taken time away from the most important person in your life: you. 

It is time to put yourself first to create the balance that you crave. 

How to Create Balance as a Female Leader

Step 1: Believe that you are enough.

Thinking that you are not enough and, as a result, constantly trying to prove otherwise have taught you to strive, to push for more, and to never let anyone see you sweat. 

You are talented and successful. And you do not need to prove that to anyone. Not Mom, not your boss, not society.

But do you believe that? 

Balance begins with believing that you are good enough. Better yet, that you are perfect just as you are and that you do not need to prove yourself. 

Step 2: Slow down.

Take a deep breath. Set your day up for success by slowing down. 

Before taking care of the kids, answering emails or checking social media, take 5-10 minutes every morning to prime yourself for the day. 

Practice some deep breathing. Journal your highest thoughts. Set an intention for how you want to show up in the world.

Make the time. You are worth it.

Step 3: Learn to say, “No.”

“No,” is a full sentence. “No,” is a powerful statement. “No,” equals confidence. 

Yet you do not say no to people because you do not want to upset them. You do not say no to people because you want them to like you. You do not say no because you do not think that you can.

You can, and it is OK and even beneficial to say it!

“No,” puts you in the driver’s seat and empowers you to take action or to not take action. It also sets boundaries with others, who then will need to learn to care for themselves. 

You may need to start saying, “No,” to your boss, your partner and your kids. They will be OK, and you all will be better off for it as well.

Practice by saying, “No,” at least once per day until it feels natural and easy.

Step 4: Take a break.

The office is not going to burn down if you leave for lunch. And, if it is, then you are way too important to your company and are putting yourself at risk for anxiety and burnout. 

Trust that you are doing everything to the best of your ability – and doing a damn-good job at it too. Taking a break will teach you how to let things happen and to release the need to control everything.

It also will allow you to nourish yourself, to get some fresh air, and to stop saving everyone else from themselves. Go eat some lunch! You will generate more energy and will be more productive when you return.

Step 5: Practice self-care.

Airlines always advise to put on your own oxygen mask before helping others. Life is no different. Your job is to take care of yourself. The better that you care for yourself, the better that you can care for others. 

Self-care can look like anything: going to your favorite yoga class, taking a walk with a friend, or even staying in by yourself with a good book and some wine.

Ultimately, self-care is an act of self-love! The more that you love yourself, the easier all the previous steps will be because it teaches you to put yourself first. Putting yourself first is the secret to finding balance, especially if you always put others’ needs before yours.

Take time to practice these five steps until you implement them into your daily life. 

If you are a female leader who wants to learn how to put yourself first and to create more balance, then we are the coaches for you. Contact us at to receive more info or to set up an intro call to discuss how we can serve you.

Dedicated to your success,

Nick + Justin

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