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You Don’t Have to Do Anything!

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Last week, we introduced the concept of “limiting beliefs” and examined how our thoughts and language ultimately control our potential, actions and performance.

Your language can control you or can free you. The choice is yours, and you always have a choice.

Do you use words such as “have to,” “need to” and “must”? If so, what are you really saying? What are these words telling you about your reality? See, sense and feel this question.

What did you come up with? Were you able to see, sense and feel that they all imply that you have no choice? Were you able to understand that they all steal control of your thoughts, emotions and actions?

If you “have to” do something, then you are not in control. If you “need to” do something, then you are not living in choice. If you “must” do something, then you are not in the driver’s seat of your own life.

This is fine – unless you want to make your own decisions and to live life on your own terms. If you want to live life on your own terms, then words no longer will control you.

“Have to,” “need to” and “must” are no longer in your vocabulary. Welcome to a new way of living and performing on your terms. Welcome to your new life.

To replace these words, try this upgraded language today:

choose to
get to
want to
excited to
opportunity to

Can you see, sense and feel how your life will be different with these new ways of perceiving everything that life brings to you?

Start using these words consciously and test this all out. You may find that creating and maintaining the awareness to form this new habit can feel challenging at first. So remember: You are “choosing” to do this.

After a few days, it will get easier, and you may begin to notice shifts in your perception of your experiences and, as a result, in your stress levels. Choice reduces your resistance, the cause of stress, which will give you more freedom and space in your mind and life.

You always have a choice, and the choice begins with how you choose to think and to speak.
Choose to stop believing that you “have to” do anything and start understanding that you “get to” do anything that you want.

Dedicated to your growth,
Nick + Justin

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